Selected Works


Icons for personal brand

24 icons made for my personal brand to be used on my web page, resume, business card, etc. I aimed to create a style that is both personal, whimsical and inviting. To achieve this goal, I drew all icons multiple times by hand to find the right tone and fine tuned the final icons to ensure a unified look.

Designing the story

Maria Hagsten Michelsen portrait

I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, who helps clients develop their brand and define their essence through carefully crafted designs. I'm also a Dane who has been living in San Francisco since 2016, mixing Scandinavian minimalism with the passion and craziness of the golden state.

I have a masters degree in comparative literature, which makes me highly skilled in telling a brand’s story in an optimal way. I also have a keen visual eye that is always drawing inspiration from the world around me.

When I’m not designing, working on illustrations while listening to music or interacting in the Dribbble community, I’m probably drinking a cold IPA with my hubby or hanging out with my favorite peeps.

MHM logo

San Francisco, CA