Visual Design • UI/UX Design

I'm co-creator of a new investment tool, which makes it easier for users to find quality stocks. I conducted user interviews, did wireframes and prototypes, developed the brand identity, build the style guide system, created joyful illustrations, and wrote front-end code.

MicroSun App

Visual Design • UI/UX Design

Project goal: To design the companion app for SunInc's MicroSun lamp. The app must motivate the user to use the lamp and to stay active. The styling of the app must comply with the MicroSun style guide and the design must be based on thorough user testing.

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New brand identity for Meddle – an innovative dating app that lets the dater's friends swipe for them. The work included logo, color palette, app design, development of cartoon characters, and execution of material for ad campaigns.



Microsun is a portable artificial sun used to battle winter depression. The lamp can be powered by kinetic energy, so the more you move, the more your MicroSun shines. The work included logo, color palette, app design, and execution of material for ad campaigns.


A selection of my best illustrations. I mainly work with vector illustrations and often strive for a style with a naturalistic feel and a touch of magical realism. When working with clients, I focus on finding the most suitable style that fits their brand's needs, whether it is flat, organic, isometric, geometric or something that is outside the box.

Maria Hagsten Michelsen portrait

I'M a designer specializing in branding, visual design, UI/UX design and illustrations. I help my clients develop their brand and define their essence through carefully crafted designs. I'm a Dane living in San Francisco, mixing Scandinavian minimalism with the passion and craziness of the golden state.

I have a masters degree in comparative literature, which makes me highly skilled in telling a brand’s story in an optimal way. I also have a keen visual eye that is always drawing inspiration from the world around me.

When I’m not designing, working on illustrations while listening to music or interacting in the Dribbble community, I’m probably drinking a cold IPA with my hubby or hanging out with my favorite peeps.

I'm currently looking for new work opportunities as a visual designer or UI/UX designer. CV available here

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San Francisco, CA